Kimble Christopher

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Fonction : DR – Enseignant
Statut : Permanent

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Groupe fonctionnel : Systèmes d’Information                                  Axe transversal :

Composante d’enseignement : Euromed Mediterranee

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Management and Information Systems, Information Systems and Strategy, Management, Systems and Organisations, Systems Design Methodologies, Computers in Society.

My research interests are in the broad area of Information Systems / Information Management.  My broad approach is socio-technical in the sense that I am interested in how best to ‘manage’ the fit between technology and the social world.  My particular areas of interest are (1) the relationship between social structures (as an emergent property of social organizations) and the structures formed by information systems and (2) the relationship between agency (as expressed in an organization’s strategic intention) and the technologies that are used in an attempt to achieve that intention.

Most of my work has focused on Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management.  In particular, I am interested in how technology can support collaborative working in groups, such as Communities of Practice, when they are geographically distributed through the use of artefacts to share knowledge across temporal / spatial/ epistemic boundaries.

Recently I have returned to an earlier theme in my work, the relationship between technology and business strategy. In particular, I am interested in the creation of innovations through the appropriation of new ideas and new technologies.  I am also interested in the way in which specific innovations in technology and/or business models can create a strategic advantage.