A look back at the 2nd Research Laboratory Day

At the second MRM Day, held on June 30, 2023, doctoral students, teacher-researchers and administrative staff from the MRM laboratory came together to share their ideas and plans for the future of our research laboratory. The day was marked by stimulating discussions, innovative ideas and a clear vision of the future. Let's take a look at the highlights of this exceptional day.


Round table: best practices for publishing internationally

We were delighted to welcome Pr. Aziza Laguecir(CCA magazine), Pr. Anne-Sophie Fernandez(M@n@gement magazine), Pr. Gilles N'Goala(Décisions Marketing magazine) and Pr. Agnès Mazars-Chapelon(ACCRA magazine), who began with a presentation of their various magazines, and then shared advice with researchers on how to avoid desk reject. This was followed by a discussion session, allowing members present to ask questions.


Hot Topics workshops

Laboratory members were divided into multi-disciplinary teams to focus on themes in line with the university's main orientations: " Feed - Care - Protect", "Living", "Innovating" , as well as other themes.

The discussions were fascinating, with the researchers bringing their expertise and unique perspectives to bear on the issues addressed. Discussions covered several key points, including the theoretical framework, methodology and sectors of activity, as well as corporate social responsibility and health. These exchanges not only strengthened the bonds between laboratory members, but also enabled new avenues of research and collaboration to be explored.


Lunch by the sea

To ensure a productive and enjoyable day, a lunch break was organized by the beach, offering a breathtaking view of the magnificent Toreilles Plage landscape. The lunch break was an opportunity for participants to relax and share a convivial moment, while recharging their batteries in preparation for the rest of the program.


Conclusion and future prospects

The day concluded with a wrap-up session, during which the working groups presented their recommendations and ideas to the other participants.

This 2nd edition of the MRM Laboratory Day was a moment of sharing and exchange for the members of our team. We are grateful to all participants for their contribution to this successful day. We hope the day was a springboard for new collaborations and research ideas. We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of this exciting day.